Drafting Services

A Canadian firm of technicians, consultants and conceptual designers specialising in a wide range of residential projects.

Whether you have property in British Columbia, Newfoundland, or anywhere in between, Code Designs is a drafting & design firm committed to providing quality residential services when and where required. For this to be achievable, we have garnered some of the best networking and resource services available.

Having Code Designs as your firm for drafting & design needs opens many doors. Building a working relationship with all of our clients is our number one priority. Together, we can work towards developing a fundamental outline of what you require in your home for it to be fully-functional.

When we have a good idea of what is needed in your home, we will set to work by generating concepts for creation. This is taking all the ideas gathered and putting them into a visual system for you to see in the form of 3d images, floor plans, and animated walkthroughs. (See our Portfolio section)

After any requested changes are made, if you are satisfied with the structural layout and visual appeal of the basic home structure, we will then set to work on the finer elements of the blueprint, such as detail views, site plan, elevations, and more.

The next step is the submission of the first-draft for approval with your local municipality. Depending on the complexity of your home, this can take a few weeks before results are returned. In most cases, there are only minor corrections and updates required before a re-submission.

Once the blueprints receive a stamp of conformance, we can assist you with finding a certified contractor, and we will assist them with any information they require to complete the job effectively and efficiently.


At the highest level of skill and team building, Code Designs marks their approach and transforms clients visions into a telling & inspired setting.

Some of the most modern homes of today don’t fit into the class of standard. A contour designed home not only displays beauty on the outside, but defines style and standard of life inside.

Code Designs® Inc.

“The dialogue between client and architect is about as intimate as any conversation you can have, because when you’re talking about building a house, you’re talking about dreams.”

Robert M. Stern