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WHAT IS THERMOGRAPHY? With spring quickly approaching, I have barely had any time to enjoy the wonders that winter typically brings. I blame this on the fact that most of Canada didn't see its first snowfall until after the holiday season. But just because we didn't feel the record lows we normally do, does not mean that [...]

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Layer Tutorial For Chief Architect

LAYER TUTORIAL FOR CHIEF ARCHITECT Most people are used to using programs in a certain way, but here at Code Designs, we are always trying to change things up to find newer and more efficient ways of utilizing our time - because time is money. With this weeks segment we will show you how to speed up the [...]

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Chief Architect™ Application Priority

CHIEF ARCHITECT™ APPLICATION PRIORITY With the release of Chief Architect™ Premier X8, there has been a wide array of updates and changes. The update of the software allows for slightly enhanced renders and noticably smoother screen scrolling. If you are like us and want to squeeze that little extra juice from the programs performance, then there is one [...]

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Welcome to Code Designs!

WELCOME TO OUR BLOG Welcome to our first post of 2016 - ahh - more like our first post of all time. We here at Code Designs have been working very hard to bring you this website and to make it interactive and usable. After about 6 months of working with code and site data we finally feel [...]

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