A Canadian firm of technicians, consultants, and designers specialising in a wide range of residential projects.

The passion for drafting, design and the internet of things is what led Shawn & Larissa Selfie on About Code Designs ~ Canadian Residential ArchitectureShawn and Larissa Code to work with each other. Shawn finished college in 2000 and has over 20 years working as a Computer Systems Technician, and 13 years within the Canadian Armed Forces as a Weapons Engineering Technician. Larissa finished college in 2007 and has nearly 10 years in the drafting field. With the talents from both fields growing faster, merging them was clearly the next step.

Shawn and Larissa have 7 children combined and live in a small home in Victoria. They share many hobbies in common like reading, writing, music and cooking. When time permits, Shawn and Larissa love to take long trips across Canada.

Building a business came after long talks about the housing market in Canada. There needed to be a way to revive the love that people had for buying and selling new and old homes. To become real, Shawn and Larissa wrote out their ideas, which eventually became their business plan. Their primary goal was to offer top quality service to brand their name. One year later these dreams came into view when their plan was completed.

On June 24th, 2015 Code Designs became a reality.


To deliver top-quality, innovative, drafting designs for Canadian clients in the most affordable and efficient way.


To provide clients with online access to tools that help them build their dream home smoothly.

Architects Working with Blueprints in front of Computers on About Code Designs ~ Canadian Residential Architecture

The most vital phase of building a home begins with forming client needs and wants. Code Designs will work with ideas to create plans that function well.

Model of a Contemporary or Modern Residential Buildings on About Code Designs ~ Canadian Residential Architecture

In this stage concepts are turned from plans into something real. Blueprints are made, rendered, and re-worked until a final draft is ready for printing.

Happy Family in Front of a Large House on About Code Designs ~ Canadian Residential ArchitectureLastly, the blueprints go from us to the client or contractor to be built. We will work with clients to find the right companies to build your dream home.


Code Designs is prudent to sustain the most cherished values in every project and task we manage.

Code Designs is steadfast when providing consults, blueprints, renders, landscape, and project control expertise to clients. This is done by using modern hardware & software, expert customer service, and by building Code Designs as a household name.

Render of a Modern or Contemporary Bathroom On About Code Designs Inc ~ Canadian Residential Architecture