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Code Designs – Residential Drafting Service

Lot 1 – Hayden Place – Created for Scott O’Neil of DFH Real Estate Ltd.


Residential drafting is at the very heart and soul of who we are, and what we do. We work with clients to create top quality work on new homes by using an equal balance of inspired thinking, artistry, and strategy. The enriched designs we create raises quality of life now, and well into the future. Our approach is unique and casted in every project we engage. We create designs that change concepts into top quality homes that delight any living setting.

Code Designs is based in Victoria BC, and creates customized blueprints for modern and traditional homes.  Our skilled technologists utilize some of the best tools and knowledge around, like Chief Architect Premier, Sketchfab, Dropbox, and following closely with any changes to the National and Provincial Building Codes. What sets us apart is our ability to make use of such assets to complete client designs in an efficient manner.



Since January of 2016, Code Designs has offered a unique service to realtors, contractors, developers, and others, which we call the 3D Animation Service. With a set of floor plans and elevation views, we can turn the home you are building (or selling) into a work of art, thus giving clients a visual 3D perspective.

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Code Designs creates first class homes that inspire!     


We have been working hard since early 2015, but have much to offer. We are composed in our skills and techniques, and have created some great work that we are proud to inspire you with in our portfolio. We are also working hard building web-based tools that will incite client vision, and planning efficiency. Furthermore, we will apply attention to social commerce and business through research and development. Code Designs will show home builders that we will live up to this challenge.


Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 9AM to 5PM PST

Phone (Toll-Free): +1-844-274-4520


BCIN(Ontario): 101223

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Code Designs proudly uses Chief Architect for all residential projects!

Chief Architect is used by Code Designs - Residential Architect Service of Canada